The current policy sets out how TeraBio Pack SRL receives, processes, investigates and resolves complaints regarding breaches of integrity rules, principles, values or conduct, as regulated by national and European legislation, as well as the company's code of ethics and conduct, internal policies and procedures.

Through the Whistleblowing system created, TeraBio Pack encourages individuals who have, in a professional context, objective information related to violations of laws or integrity rules by the company, its employees or collaborators, to report these irregularities through reporting channels provided.

TeraBio Pack will initiate all the necessary actions, according to the legal regulations, for the analysis and solution of the identified irregularities, as well as the context that allowed their occurrence. Through this action we join the European directives and the company's initiatives to support a high level of ethics and professional behavior in all the activities we carry out, thus promoting a sustainable and efficient business model.

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    General principles

    • Trust

    By ensuring a trustworthy environment among its employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers, TeraPlast encourages the reporting of any illegal, immoral or material acts that could harm the physical and mental integrity of individuals or the prestige of the company. The company will also rigorously interpret actions subsequent to the reports received and will provide, within a reasonable time, feedback to the persons making the reports, at their request.

    • Objectivity

    The purpose of integrity warnings is to take corrective or preventive action against breaches of integrity laws, principles and rules. Therefore, we encourage the clearest and most specific description of the facts, actions, words, observable behaviours reported, detailing the circumstances in which they were produced, the time and space, naming and / or description of all persons who were observed as part from the context described. If, by the nature of the act reported, depending on the context and the course of the investigations, it is necessary that the notifications submitted can be proved, as appropriate, to the competent authorities.

    • Good faith

    The reports sent by the integrity whistleblowers will be investigated and thus, beyond the time and resources involved in the investigation, could have a negative psychological effect on the persons mentioned as suspected of committing the acts. Therefore, we rely on the good faith of those who submit reports and on the understanding that possible "false alarms" intended under the protection of anonymity will act against the common goal of living in a better world.

    • Safety

    Integrity alerts are protected against retaliation for the objective, neutral and bona fide use of the integrity warning system. Thus, any disciplinary sanction, discriminatory treatment or other action against him, such as dismissal, transfer, reduction or withdrawal of benefits, refusal of promotion or access to training, termination of cooperation, threats, prosecution or other such actions against him or her, is prohibited. his family. If the personal safety of a whistleblower or members of his family is endangered, they must be entitled to protective measures.

    • Confidentiality

    The Integrity Officer designated, the Internal Integrity Commission or any other entity designated to resolve the integrity check shall be required not to disclose the identity of the whistle-blower, data subjects or any third parties involved, nor any information that would allow their direct or indirect identification, unless there is their express consent. The reporting channels used and the manner in which the information received is processed and stored shall also be managed in such a way as to protect the identity and confidential information of the whistleblower and any third party mentioned in the report and to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing it.


    integrity warning - reporting violations, omissions, irregularities or facts intended to affect employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and in a broader sense the economic and social environment in which we operate.

    integrity whistleblowers - the natural person who makes a report or publicly discloses information regarding violations of the law, obtained in a professional context

    data subject - the natural or legal person mentioned in the report or in the public disclosure, as the person to whom the violation of the law is attributed or with whom that person is associated;

    reporting - oral or written communication, regarding any act that involves a violation of the law; can be transmitted anonymously or non-anonymously

    retaliation - any action or omission, direct or indirect, occurring in a professional context, which is determined by internal or external reporting or public disclosure and which causes or may cause harm to the whistleblower.


    What do we report through the Whistleblowing system?

    Such facts constitute:

    • Acts / facts of conflict of interest
    • Corrupt or potentially fraudulent acts / acts
    • Taking / giving bribes
    • Acts of violation of human rights (eg discrimination, racism, harassment)
    • Acts of violation of labor law (eg forced labor, child labor)
    • Acts of breach of privacy and protection of personal data
    • Serious violation of company policies, procedures and regulations
    • Acts that may constitute violations of the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the company
    • Acts that endanger the safety and security of several employees
    • Acts / facts harmful to the environment

    *Customer complaints about the products and services offered by the company are not subject to the integrity warning. These can be addressed to

    What reporting channels can I use?

    • Mail to the Integrity Commission at: TeraPlast Industrial Park
    • Headquarters: Sărățel Village, Șieu-Măgheruș Commune, DN 15A, km 45 + 500, Cod. 427301, Jud. Bistriţa-Năsăud, Romania
    • Integrity alert form, which can also be used anonymously;
    • E-mail:;
    • Telephone number, at 0752314142
    • Complaint boxes

    All the channels mentioned above work exclusively for integrity alerts and are available 24/7, except for the mobile phone line, available for conversations on weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00 and permanently for the transmission of warnings. through voice messaging.