Biodegradable block-notes bags

The biodegradable and compostable block-notes bags respond optimally to the practical spirit needed in grocery stores, fruit & vegetables or bulk products departments, as they are easy to handle and use by supermarket customers.

  • Custom colors
  • Custom dimensions
  • Accompanied by food opinion
  • OK Compost Certificate
  • Produced in Romania with high performance equipment


With TeraBio Pack, you choose quality and reliability

The state-of-the-art equipment from the TeraBio Pack factory ensures high productivity, flexibility in the manufacturing process and efficient quality control, which allows us optimal delivery times and the ability to adapt to the requirements of our customers.
We are focused on the continuous development of our product portfolio to respond promptly and efficiently to the needs of our customers.

Internationally certified products

TeraBio Pack products are in line with the specific objectives set by the EU Plastics Strategy and the European Plastics Strategy in the Circular Economy. The entire range of biodegradable and compostable bags and films in our portfolio is made in accordance with the EN 13432 standard.

Various colors
Various sizes
>100% eco product
Graphics upon request
Made in Romania
Flexible delivery